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PromoGames was designed and sized in order to achieve maximum results in the three areas of business that make running a sweepstake cafè Easy, Profitable and Successful. PromoGames’ key products are:


  • Control Panel
  • Games Catalogue 
  • Legal Support

Control Panel

The long-lasting and profitable partnerships with its customers made it possible for PromoGames to develop a Control Panel system which responds to the needs of the Sweepstake Cafès Owners, with useful features that are easy to access and manage.

All the processes have been automated and may be performed remotely by using any computer or mobile device, from anywhere in the world!

The POS component is able to perform all operations in two simple clicks, optimizing the cashier’s work time and minimizing any possible errors related to the collection or payment of premiums.

A control system of the activities collects the operational data of the POSs and collects them into reports and dashboards on the Control Panel system and makes them available in real time.

From the Control Panel system you can also manage any legal aspects related to the operation of the games and to premium payments. An area dedicated to this type of configuration allows to change the operating guidelines of your sweepstakes hall with 2-clicks.

Games catalogue

Dozens of games are available on the PromoGames platform and new titles are released on a quarterly basis.

The study of our Customers’ activities and the analysis of the performance statistics of each game, through the hundreds of halls managed with our software, help us create engaging games with high quality realistic graphics and sounds.

From the stories in 3D to the classic Keno and card games, the game libraries that the owners of the halls are able offer to their customers are a great starting point to explore new business strategies, designed to increase their incomes and at the same time, their customers’ interest and enjoyment.

Legal Support

"How can I open a sweepstakes cafè?" or "Which games can I offer to my customers?" are the most frequent questions asked by our customers over the years.

PromoGames invests the majority of its resources in the study of regulations and the implementation of operations that make the games and the Control Panel platform fully compliant with them.

The PromoGames’ legal support consists of a team of U.S. lawyers, experts in the ICT and Sweepstakes fields.

Through these resources, we have supported dozens of owners in the process of opening new sweepstakes cafes, and we’ve promptly handled the changes in regulations that would have resulted in the closing of our customers’ activities.

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