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Internet cafes, Internet Kiosks (Sweepstakes Kiosks), and Promotions

PromoGames is proud to present the only online platform for the management and growth of your Sweepstakes cafè.

The PromoGames platform counts on 10 years of improvements, in which PromoGames customers and staff have worked closely together to implement, in an easy and immediate manner, all the necessary features for the management of workstations and for customer satisfaction (gaming experience/engagement).

A large library of games that you may offer to your customers and the periodic release of new games allows us to be the market leader of sweepstake softwares.

PromoGames is widespread in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina,... and thanks to the interactions with the local clientele, PromoGames is able to handle all the regulatory requirements, both federal and local, thanks to a team of Lawyers who actively participate in the development stages of the platform and in the rules of the Game.

PromoGames primarily works in the U.S., but is also present internationally, with branches in Europe assisting customers in their premises.

The sales network of PromoGames is constantly expanding, both in the acquisition of new Resellers and in its direct contact with the managers of the locations.Having spent 10 years connecting with customers allows PromoGames to share its specific business principles connected to Sweepstakes Cafè, and all this has allowed to supplement the online platform with features such as:


  • Easy user interface (smart/easy)
  • 2 click -POS
  • Tracking & Analysis of cashier activities  (employee/cashier)
  • Complete reports and dynamics studied for the Holders
  • Compatibility with all Windows computers, workstations block
  • Independent management of Jackpots, PromoCredits and Internet Time

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There will be no installing software: all you need is a PC and an Internet connection; or have Internet Kiosks or dedicated terminals to recharge their smart card automatically

No specific skills are needed; for the startup phase we provide advice and assistance free of charge